10 October 2010

Climber's Wish List

I've recently been thinking of all the fabulous things I own that I think everyone should have.
Now, I'm not Oprah. I can't give away a thousand brand-new cars. (Or ropes.)
You're probably going to have to pay for these things.
What I'm saying is that these items will be money very well spent.

Item #1. Trion Guide 45+ Alpine Backpack from Mammut
This pack was recently voted "Toughest" by Backpacking Magazine. It's a great all-around pack with very comfortable padded straps and waist belt. You'd be surprised how much you can stuff into this thing. Comes in blue or black.

Item #2. Infinity 9.5mm 70m Rope from Mammut
Extremely high performing, durable, lightweight dynamic rope. Really great for lead climbing. Comes in orange or blue. The rope bag rocks, also.

Item #3. FiveTennie Approach Shoe from Five Ten
This is my all-time favorite Five Ten approach shoe. It's a comfortable, very lightweight sneaker with a super-sticky Stealth sole. It does not have the appearance of a hiking shoe, and is cool and relaxed-looking enough to wear out and around the town as an everyday tennie.

Item #4. Quantum Climbing Shoe from Five Ten

This is the best climbing shoe I have ever worn. Angie Payne, the first girl in the world to ever climb the boulder grade of V13, strongly agrees.
This shoe combines the secure "Magic Fingers" heel cup best known on the Anasazi line, a high, tight-fitting arch, and a downturned toe last similar to the famous Dragon, but slightly less aggressive. The medium softness of the rubber allows for very powerful downward pulling. The black stripes are actually a very thin paint-like material that is surprisingly sticky, allowing for stable toe hooks and also a cool finished look. And who doesn't like the color purple?

Item #5. Lodo Sunglasses from Native Eyewear
These are my favorite sunglasses. I look really good in them!

They have a very secure nose-piece grip, and I like the narrow frame style. One of Native's most notorious technologies is the ventilation system on their shades. Don't you hate it when you start to sweat and your glasses fog up? That doesn't happen with Natives. They also come in a variety of frame and lense colors.

Item #6. Wazee Sunglasses from Native Eyewear
These are my mother's favorite sunglasses. Could you imagine owning a Yugo and then upgrading to a Bimmer? That's what getting your first pair of Native Sunglasses is like. The quality is outstanding, and once you have experienced the difference you'll never go back.

Item #7. Healing Salves from Joshua Tree Products

All Joshua Tree Products are made with natural organic ingredients. They're designed to help speed up the healing process of minor cuts, burns, scrapes, blisters, sun burn, etc. When I get raw fingertips from climbing all day, my ability to grab sharp rock again the very next day is because of JTree Salve. The Salve is now also directed towards new markets such as surfers, kayakers, cyclers, musicians and even pet paws.

Item #8. Lip Balm from Joshua Tree Products

Lip Balm is something I never leave home without. My favorite JTree Lip Balm when I'm out climbing, kayaking, and running is Mountain Mint with SPF 18+. But my favorite JTree Lip Balm when I'm in the city and out with friends is Desert Shimmers Cholla. The Desert Shimmers Collection has the same healing action as the standard lip balm, but adds a little flair with three unique, shimmery colors.

There you have it! The Climber's Wish List for 2010-2011; my most highly recommended toys.
Just in time to start your Christmas shopping!
Stay tuned for more great products reviews coming soon!

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