08 January 2012

The "Tough Life" Files

California Bouldering!

It had been over a year since my last brief visit to the magical land of Yosemite. This time I got to stay for longer than a day!

Being back in the valley was so fun, and getting to climb there for more than a day was really exciting. The climbing style in Yosemite suits me very well, and I found myself having quite a successful trip and topping out many of famous classics I've heard so much about.

The New School Highball Classic Diesel Power V10
Photo by Aaron Karres

(Valley Bouldering video coming soon!!)

With Tioga pass still being open, the longest since 1933, I've been bouncing back and forth between the Valley and Bishop a bit over the last few weeks.  Nonetheless, the highballs have been aplenty in both locations.

Mesothelioma V7
Photo by Michael Surma

With so many tall, proud lines it's easy to get caught up in the adrenaline rush of the risk and life can get a wee bit dangerous! Sometimes a little assistance is required...

Thanks Jeff Sillcox and Natasha Barnes for the beta :)

Golden Showers V10
Photo by Andy Bardon

Hopefully I'll be able to continue going back and forth for as long as the pass stays open and the weather stays good. I have a lot to do in both Bishop and Yosemite, and am currently having quite a hard time deciding which place I'd like to be at the moment. Feeling a little like a pinball...

Yup it's a tough life.

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