29 January 2011

The Wild Wild West

Ladies and gentlemen... It's award season! If you own a TV you know what I'm talking about; the Oscars, Golden Globes, Grammys, the Academy Awards, etc. Watching the Golden Globes in our hotel room one evening we got the idea to create our own prize, given to the day's MVP. The MVP is voted on by the group, and is the climber who has the best personal day on the rocks. Behold, the coveted Silver Stone!

Since constructing the Silver Stone, the competition has really heated up. With the battle for the trophy hanging on the line, we devoted a few days to racking up some Buttermilk classics.
Erik exiting the womb on A Birthing Experience


The Checkerboard

A "Lion King" Moment


Warming up on the photogenic highball Grandma Peabody Arete

Snagging the lip on the incredible Seven Spanish Angels

Erik sending Seven Spanish Angels

Rest day activities around Bishop are lacking. We usually spend our non-climbing days lounging in the Black Sheep coffee shop using the internet and drinking delicious hot cocoas, but recently we decided to start making our own fun.

 It turns out all you need is a Glock and a couple coke cans and you end up with "Bishop's Angels!!"

I managed to hit near the target every time, but I never ended up nailing it, and Lisa pulled off a direct hit! I'm going to continue working on my aim on our rest days.


  1. Alex you're definitely one of my favorite "strong" women out there - plus your blog is hilarious...keep it up.

  2. Love the blog! REALLY love those shots of you two with pistols, hot!

  3. I'd like that photo of you and Lisa printed and framed on my wall. It makes me happy. <3

  4. Damm hot angels :)...Bishop's Angels !