26 January 2011

Exciting NEWS

I wouldn't ordinarily write about a media appearance, but I am extremely honored to announce a few exciting recent publications:

In the January 2011 issue of Urban Climber magazine there is an article called "The Young Guns," written about today's upcoming youth climbers. Flipping through the article, I was unbelievably flattered when I came across my name under some of these kids' "favorite climber." I was so shocked and pleased! It's humbling to be considered inspirational by anybody, and I feel proud that I could make a positive impact on someone's passion for climbing. The future of our sport lies in the youth, and they need role models. Rock climbing is a great sport to be a part of, and luckily our community is filled with so many awesome athletes capable of being role models for tomorrow's Chris Sharmas and Lynn Hills. To check out this article, look for the magazine with Daniel's mug on the cover! :)

My first mini article has been published in the form of a book review in the March 2011 issue of Rock and Ice magazine! Executive Editor of Rock and Ice Alison Osius gave me a wonderful opportunity to participate in "My Favorite Book"; an excerpt where climbers are able to submit a review of a book that has had an inspirational impact on their life. Other recent authors of this segment include Alli Rainey, Carlo Traversi and Sonnie Trotter. I chose to critique Jerry Moffatt's personal biography, "Revelations." I'm very excited about the opportunity I had to write for such a prestigious climbing magazine and I hope there are more to follow!

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  1. be sure there will follow manay good things....good things are following good people...as you ;)