13 August 2014

Why Psicocomp is the Best Competitive Climbing Event in North America

1. My Friends Are There! Did I say "friends"? I meant the most badass pro climbers in the game today, all in one place. Heck yes it's a good time!

 Epic Climber Girl Selfie!

Photo by Christine Bailey Speed

2. The Robes. We look like boxers walking up to the ring! Or in this case the wall. It unifies us and makes us feel like ballers. It's great to have something warm, dry, and easy to put on right after climbing out of the pool.

Emily Harrington watches while staying toasty warm. Photo by Susanica Tam.

3. The Hot Tub. Need I explain? Ok, fine. Climbing 5.13 is hard by itself. We get winded, then fall or jump into a cold pool, and have to swim in climbing shoes--which is NOT easy--to the side of the pool, and crawl out into the cool mountain air. Is there anything better than dipping into a hot tub to catch your breath? Nope.

Photo Scott Hallenberg

An Angie Payne original

4. The Venue. Outdoor arena, easy viewing, with stadium and hill-side seating. Thousands of spectators can pack into this place, and even the people way back on top of the hill can see the action. It's perfect.

Photos by Alton Richardson for Climbing Mag

Adrian Ballinger of Alpenglow Expeditions

 5. Format. Head-to-Head, bracket format. Just like middle school basketball. You lose you're out. While I got knocked out due to this format, it's comprehensible to the non-climber. It's fast-paced. As a competitive climber even I think watching climbing is boring. Two climbers racing head-to-head up a tall, powerful, dynamic route and falling into a pool? Now that's exciting! Great recap video from Park City TV here! --> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A_S2AqaJP1A&app=desktop

Scott Hallenberg Photo

6. Extreme Factor. Hello, see above. We fall 50 feet into a POOL.

Jake Bodkin Photo

7. Images.

Beau Kahler Photography from last year's event. Still the best Psicocomp image to date.

8. The Livestream. Couldn't make it to the event? Thanks to Louder Than Eleven you can watch it live online! Made it to the event but got thirsty and went out to the beer tent? No worries, there are TVs in the Sponsor Village showing the live footage.

Photo Aicacia Young

9. Meet the Pros/Poster Signings. Every kid's dream is to meet Chris Sharma. Every dude's dream is to meet Sasha DiGiulian. For an hour before the event you can get a poster from your favorite athletes and snap a pic with them before they get soggy.

10. The Wall is Open to the Public. That didn't look hard to you? Go try it yourself. $20 bucks.

Andrew Commander taking one for the citizens of Park City.

11. The Event Raised Over $10,000 for the Kuhmbu Climbing Center. Bet you didn't know that.

And there you have it, folks. Why I think the Psicocomp is the best climbing showcase event in North America.

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