03 November 2012

My Second Greatest Purchase Ever (After Fritz)

It was Halloween night. Everywhere I looked the streets were filled with tiny kitties, cowgirls, and red Angrybirds perusing the neighborhood porches for candy.

Spotting the house number I was looking for, I pulled the van over, got out and headed for the front door, bracing myself in anticipation, worried that the zombie on the porch swing will frightfully spring to life. Peeking in the screen door before knocking I saw one bowl full of Capri Suns and another bowl full of rubber duckies. Original, I thought. I rapped my knuckles on the door.

"Hi, I'm Alex, I called about your Craigslist ad," I introduced myself as the door opened, just to clarify that I'm not here for a juice and a bath toy.

"Oh, right," the woman replied. She guided me to the backyard and there it was, in all its shiny polished glory. A toaster on wheels. My future home-away-from-home. A 1962 Red Dale Travel Trailer.

"My husband has completely refurbished the entire inside," the woman explained the new and improved features as she unlocked the trailer door.

What I stepped into was a 1950's diner themed room. I looked at the kitchen area, the red and white vinyl booth seats and stainless steel table, half expecting to see a milkshake waiting for me next to the Coca-Cola salt and pepper shakers.

The walls were painted white, the cabinets, stove and fridge all red. It was in mint condition, perfect working order. It was love at first sight.
I looked at the woman, beaming. "I'll take it!" I handed over an envelope full of bills and she handed me the title.

Driving off the property, trailer in tow behind van, I couldn't stop picturing how luxurious my future road trips were going to be from that moment on. No more cooking dinner outside in the cold and the dark by headlamp with frozen, numb fingers. Eating meals at a real table, not in the driver's seat. Lounge space that's warm and bright.

I hadn't been this excited about something I had purchased at this high a dollar amount since that June day in 2009 when I took a tiny Fritz puppy home with me.
So while everyone else was out trick-or-treating or going to costume parties, dressing (undressing?) like hoes on the one night a year where it's somehow socially acceptable, I was significantly upgrading my life.



  1. I think it is really a "Ham Can" not a toaster. And here is the link to the ~~Tin Can Tourist Society... (which I'm sure you're to become a member!!) wwww.tincantourist.com

  2. Alex this is absolutely adorable.
    I bet your momw will be feeling so much better!

  3. That is a beautiful interior! I've never been a big fan of red but this van of yours makes such an exception! It has a very well organized interior because when you look at the trailer from outside, it’s deceivingly little but because everything was arranged well, it became ample.

    Delena Millener

  4. Yosemite for a month was PLUSH! :-)