19 February 2011

ABS Nationals

Last weekend I stuffed Fritz down into my puffy jacket and we boarded the plane to Colorado for ABS Nationals. One athlete, one stowaway. Sneaking a pup through the airport and onto a plane is levels easier than competing!
The competition was conveniently held in a huge warehouse, making tons of space for spectators and the freshly made walls built by John Stack. We had six problems in the qualifying round, three in the semi-finals, and three more in the World Cup-styled finals. Needless to say, after the three rounds of climbing I was exhausted!

Photo by Beau Kahler
The women's results were: Alex Puccio, Francesca Metcalf, Sasha Digiulian, myself!, Angie Payne.
Men's results: Canadian Sean McColl, Alex Johnson (not me, the other one!), Kyle Owen.

Photo by Beau Kahler

Here is the highlight video from the weekend:

And a fun video of the competitors hanging out in Isolation :)

Fritz and I then flew back to Bishop to continue the world class bouldering. It's been a lot of fun climbing with good friends, and there are even more people continuing  to arrive!!

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